C++ High Performance 2nd ed. (Book Review)

Posted on Aug 3, 2022

C++ High Performance: Master the art of optimizing the functioning of your C++ code, 2nd ed. by Björn Andrist, Viktor Sehr

The name “high performance” can be intimidating for new C++ developers, but I believe you should be intrigued and read it because this is the way to go if you want to learn important modern C++ concepts and tools.

The book is nicely written, and the examples are structured in such a way that you feel as if you were using them in practice to address practical problems, even if they require more refinement before being used in real projects. It also demonstrates the importance of standard algorithms for expressing intent and enhancing performance. One of the elements I appreciated for most is how it introduces safe and efficient alternatives to commonly used antipatterns utilizing modern C++.

“Real world” applications are a fantastic additional resource in this book. We may struggle to understand a new concept at times, but when the author devotes time to write examples that are as close to reality as possible, we become interested in applying it to our everyday projects, which is a strong resource in the learning process. Finally, references throughout the book to essential concepts that are not covered in the scope of the book contribute significantly, not only to the content, but also to pointing out other excellent resources for individuals interested in C++.