Posted on Feb 2, 2022

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” - W. Edwards Deming

This tool is designed for students, researchers, data scientists or anyone who would like to have access to SICAR files.

What is SICAR?

Sistema Nacional de Cadastro Ambiental Rural (National System of Rural Environmental Registry) is a public electronic registry of rural properties and possessions in Brazil. It was created by the Law No. 12.651/2012 and regulated by Decree No. 7.830/2012 and Normative Instruction MMA No. 2/2014.

It is mandatory for all rural properties and possessions in Brazil and aims to integrate environmental information on permanent preservation areas, restricted use areas, legal reserves, remnants of forests and other forms of native vegetation, consolidated areas, among others. It is used for environmental and economic planning, monitoring, control and combating deforestation.

Why SICAR package?

Currently, to access the SICAR files, it is necessary to download the data for each city in Brazil one at a time. Brazil is a large country with 26 states and a federal district, and a total number of, 5570 cities. In addition to the insane number of cities to download manually, it is necessary to pass a captcha to access the data. This is a huge waste of time and resources.

That’s why I decided to create a package to download the files in an attempt to save our precious time that can be used for tasks that matter. This tool is a Python package that provides a mechanism to bypass captchas and helper methods for convenience. You can download a specific city or a custom list of cities, all cities in a state or the entire country.


The source code is available on


Install with pip

pip install git+



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